What is adaptive design

It is the design carried out during the order–filling cycle and has as its goal personalizing the company product to the individual needs of each client of each order.

It is the capacity to design different articles, "tailored produts", from one pattern or “generic product”, which incorporates any future adaptations that are foreseen.

The Generic Product is the combined articles that make up the company’s competitive offer and it incorporates the future adaptations that are foreseen.

The Tailored Product is each one of the adaptations of generic product, that is, each article sold to the client.

Why should I go for adaptive design?

We live in the era of mass customization, where clients require a customised product with delivery periods, cost and quality similar to those of mass production.

The automation of the adaptive design give us some keys competitives:

  • Treating clients as individuals
  • We difeerentaiate through flexibility
  • Automating the adaptive design (engineering)
  • Concertarating efforts on innovative design (R+D)

What does Abantail give me?

The optimization and automation of the adaptive design through...

  • Rationalization, standardization and formalization of the product, defining reusable technical solutions.
  • Optimization of the personalization of the item to each client.
  • Capacity to treat special orders as if they were standard.
  • Ability to respond to single orders.

...and all this without penalizing

  • Costs
  • Terms
  • Quality