Abantail was created in 2004 as a spin-off of the IKERLAN Technology Centre, in collaboration with the consultancy company LKS. It inherited over 12 years’ experience from these companies in projects concerning Adaptive Design automation (IKERLAN) and consultancy for improving company competitiveness (LKS).

Abantail was classified by the Basque Government from the start as a New Technology-based Company.

Abantail belongs to the MONDRAGON business corporation, forming part of the Engineering and Educational and Entrepreneurial Services Division of its Industrial group.

MONDRAGON is the result of the sound future vision of the priest José María Arizmendiarreta, and of the joint efforts of all its worker-members, who succeeded in transforming a little workshop where in 1956 stoves and oil cookers were manufactured into the leading Business Association in the Basque Country and the seventh in Spain, with a turnover of 12.903 million Euros (ADD Industry and Distribution), 110 cooperatives, 147 subsidiaries, 8 foundations,1 mutual, covering 10 states, 13 international services and a total workforce of 80,321 employees at the end of 2012.

Abantail, for its solidarity commitment and social responsibility, collaborates with the Mundukide Foundation.