Techical Product-Process configurator, tailored parametric 3D CAD system

IRIZAR is currently the absolute leader in Spain and second in Europe in building luxury coaches. Its business activity covers 71 countries all over the world.

The company has been co-operating with Ikerlan since 1994, when it began to develop the DIACAR system (3D customized coach bodywork design system). Since then, collaboration has been continuous and extended to the commercial configuration and process fields

IRIZAR’s experience with IKERLAN in product adaptive design streamlining projects has been, and continues to be, very positive.

IRIZAR has gone from being present in 3 countries 10 years ago to being in 65 countries today.

This growth has meant the need to carry out hundreds of product adaptation projects over the last six years, which would have been impossible or extremely expensive without a tool like the one developed by Ikerlan. This tool has enabled us to reduce product lead-time to a tenth of what it was and, in turn, increase the reliability and standardisation of the solutions.

Based on our knowledge of the people who will make up the new company ABANTAIL, we offer our firm support to this commitment by IKERLAN and LKS to create this company specialising in adaptive design and hope to carry on collaborating with it.