Techical Product-Process configurator

The ORONA Group is now a consolidated business project that has become the leading Spanish company in the lift sector.

Over the last six years ORONA S.Coop. has undergone spectacular growth in its turnover in new sales, which have tripled. The two key factors that have made this growth possible have been, on the one hand, ORONA’s clear commitment to product innovation, and on the other, the CO2 system ( Orona's Product Configurator).

 Thanks to this system, developed in collaboration with Ikerlan, we have been able to respond to an exponentially increasing demand for lifts that are fully customized to the specifications of each client and each project. The high level of flexibility and reliability for customized lift design and manufacture provided by the CO2 system has given ORONA a very significant competitive advantage.

Since then has come a long way in terms of technical and commercial configurations  in collaboration with ABANTAIL.

ORONA supports the commitment of IKERLAN and LKS in relation to the creation of ABANTAIL as an expert company in adaptive design. We wish them every success and hope to continue counting on their collaboration.