Techical Product configurator

Sukia Eraikuntzak, a construction company working in several areas: residential construction, industrial construction and civil works.

One of the most critical processes of CONSTRUCCIONES SUKIA ERAIKUNTZAK S.A.’s activity is calculating construction costs. A few years ago, we detected the possibility of systemising and optimising this calculation, and we began by developing the tool named SukiCod(Techical Product). With this tool we have succeeded in improving the price guarantee we offer to our clients, and optimising the feasibility studies for our property promotions.

Also, as this tool has gradually been developed, we have found other areas of application for it: measurement checking, project reviews, sales prospectus creation, etc.

In short, it is a tool designed to systemise and optimise the calculation of construction costs, and it has become a reference point for systemising and optimising other areas of work within the company.